Thursday, December 2, 2010

Babu Paul's Rumblings On Newly Consecrated Catholicose

It is a certain commonly accepted civility that people wish well when someone occupies a high office or for that matter on any significant achievement.Irrespective of whether one has difference of opinion with that person or not. Such common civilities are a way of nice behavior .It also demands that while doing so,one should not rake up controversies or unsavory issues that might be there between the person being complimented or the one who is giving it.If one has serious difference of opinion,one can either refrain from wishing or even go to the extent of voicing the difference without pretending to compliment the reciever.But presenting such differences under the  pretext of complementing the person is like sugarcoated poison or wolf in the lamb's skin.

These thoughts occurred to me on reading Dr D Babu Paul's article "Mangala Nerunnu"that appeared in Knanaya Deepam,and subsiquently republished in Mangalam Daily.No one can deny a person holding a view which he thinks is right and propagating it.All that I am saying is that he could have done it without pretending to be wishing H.H.Paulos II on his accession to the throne.

All that is about niceties.People like Babu Paul may have their own definitions for civilised behavior,let us leave that out and come to the specifics.His first point is that not inviting the Patriarch of Antioch for the consecration of the Catholicose is in violation of the 1934 Constitution of MOC.Let us examine that .It is true that the constitution has such a proviso.But it also specifies that this invitation is conditional to the existence of a Patriarch of Antioch duly approved by  MOC .The Supreme Court Judgment of1995 has approved HH Marthoma Mathews II as Catholicose of MOC,but does not say anything about the status of HH ZachiusI.The process of reconciliation the Supreme Court had envisaged by that judgment has only been partly fulfilled.Therefore the present  Patriarch of Antioch's positon vis-a-vis the constitution of 1934 is still in doubt.There has been any number of violation of Constitution by the Patriarch like consecration of Bishops in the Indian Church without the approval of Malankara Association,,visits to Churches in India without invitation from the Constitutional Catholicose,to name a few.How can a person who pays no heed to the provisions of the Constitution claim the benefits of that Constitution?

One can approach this from another angle.The Kalpana of HH Abdul Massiha after the consecration of the first Catholicose of Malankara says that the synod of Malankara can consecrate Catholicose as and when the need arises without reference to Antioch.The fact that HH Abdul Masiha  was a CANONICAL Patriarch bears testimony even today by the presence of HH at Kurkuma Monastery where the Tombs of the Patriarchs of Antioch are situated.Therefore if one accepts the argument that the present patriarch is above constitution,the same applies to HH Abdumasiha too....

I know that this  line of argument is little far stretched.But I am confident that it is not absurd like that of the Jacobite fanatics


  1. Such coments are not expected from a so called educated and high profile person like Mr. Babu Paul. More over it seems tat Mangalam Daily has taken up the patronage of Jacobite faction

  2. Babu paul is a wolf in lamps skin. He is not civilized too.

  3. the patriarch abdul messiah was not a canonical patriarch but HH Abdullah was the canonical patriarch at that time and he is entombed at an even holy place -the sehion malika
    he was elected by the universal synod of the syrian church

  4. There are 5 Patriachs claiming this titile? Whom should be invited?

  5. Dr. Babu Paul doesn't agree with you, You all hate him right? Before mocking at a well educated man just think about yourself..truth hurts right?

    Babu USA

  6. Who is this guy Sanju?How can he claim that Abdul Messiah is not cannonical Partriarch when there were no synod of SOC at antioch did not meither excommunicate or expelled him out from Synod?The Sultan of Turkey Has nor power to depose a Spritual leader out of his position!Can this guy Sanju substantiate his alleged claim by means of supporting evidence or Proof?
    A greedy money minded Abdulla Partriach was entombed at Sehion Malika! Shame! , Sanju and Jacobites!When he Abdulla Partriarch Joined Roman Catholic church What happened? Why did he become insane? Sanju never try to conceal the truth! Mar Julius try to make a forge copy of excommunication of Abdul Masiiah Partriarch and forwarded by Partriarch faction then in Samudaya case! the Court rejected the fake ex-communication presented by Jacobite faction by then!
    This guy Babu from USA,what is your criteria of well education?Babu you Jacobite extrmist is talking nonsenses ?First of All Babu it Is not antioch who made Christianity or make Partriaarch title or position in the early Church! even Antioch did not make any liturgy itself!Study Bible very well before making useless comments!

  7. From . Mathew C. Karuvely

    This is a fact that Dr. Babu Paul showing as a messiah of peace in the Malankara Church always indirectly appeal for the wellbeing of Jacobite faction. He may be a very big person in the society retired IAS but he still think that Apostle Saint Thomas did not established the Church in India. The same knowledge has been consistently keeping by many jacobite phonetics. Dr. Babu Paul confirm and believe that the Syrian Patriarch and Clergy group arrived after 1650 AD was founded the Malankara Church in India. He is always acting on the truth and henceforth our Orthodox Church should not entertain him for Church related activities. I heard that the Church leaders invited him as Guest of Honour recently at our Valia Bava Thirumeni’s Navthi celebrations.

    Mathew C Karuvely

  8. Mr.Babu Paul is not a man for peace. He is a man for chair and Power. Now he is playing double game.He is a Hindu cum Jacobite. As per the TVM news,recently he is married a hindu lady.So we can understand his morality.So forget about him.

    Roni Martin

  9. Dear All
    Babu Paul just made a senseless comment!He must have taken some "sips"to write this type of senseless/baseless comments!The reason is that he knows that When H.B.Thomas I is in Malankara as head of Jacobites, SOC Partriarch cannot come to MOSC!Morever Zaka I is not the recognised Partriarch of Antioch/SOC as his Consecration was not duly informed/communicated to MOSC as per 1934 constituition!ZakaI did not null or void the alleged excommunication of Augen I and Synod in Malankara by former Yakkob III Partriarch!after the supreme Cout verdict in1996,Zaka Sent some Bull/Kalpana to Jacobite Heirarchy to accept the s/c verdict and create peace in Malankara which did not even read in jacobite churches as per H.B.Thomas I instructions!Where was this BAR EETHO by Then?
    if Zaka I was really wished peace in Malankara why did he consecrate H.B. Thomas I as Maphrian?

  10. എടൊ മണ്ടന്‍ തോമസ്‌ ചാണ്ടി മുടക്കപ്പെട്ട അബ്ദുല്‍ മശിഹപതൃയര്‍കീസ് എങ്ങനെയടോ കാനോനിക പത്രിഅര്‍കീസ് ആകുന്നതു .രഹസ്യത്തില്‍ പട്ടം മേടിക്കാന്‍ നിങ്ങള്‍ പണം മുടക്കി കൊണ്ടുവന്നതുകൊണ്ട് അങ്ങേരെ നിങ്ങള്‍ അംഗീകരിക്കുന്നു .മുന്‍ ഗാമികലെയോ പിന്‍ ഗാമികലയോ നിങ്ങള്‍ അങ്ങീകരിക്കില്ല .വളരെ വിചിത്രമായ ഒരു മുടന്തന്‍ ന്യായം

  11. All IOC brothers why you hate Dr D Babu Paul IAS now,Once he was the only one stick to beat Jacobites and Patriarcheese,at that time you addressed him as educated civilised man with holy life ,Now when he understood the reality (Your greedy mind &foolish talking )he came back to his mother church and arguing for the truth.At this time Gentle men from IOC tells he is uncivilised .Think well and decide who is uncivilised .IOC people who change their opinion from time to time should think one more thing .Your relation to Antioch is disconnected and new thrown at Kanjikkuzhy is raised because of your this unsteady mind.

  12. @noby
    You guys do not know what you really talk or write!In 1958 L/L Yakkob III accepted so called "Oldman Punnoose" As CATHOLICOSE OF MALANKARA (L/L Baselios Geevarghese II) in What sense?even all those Bishops of Partriarch in Malankara by then has to accept Baselios II as Catholicate in Malankara! By then nobody raised/doubted the Validity of his Consecration/Priesthood! Why now With the heretic teachings of Moolayil Chor Episcopa! You Jacobite fanatics first of all learn what is "Canon" not arabi Canon or coffe Canon!

  13. @Noby
    Who has ex-communicated Abdul Massiah Partriarc?Which year when by which synod?Donot call somebody as fool as you are being fooled by your own Holy fathers with falsehood and lies!Your Expression here reveals what kind of personality and character you are!IOC is not hating BabuPaul! What kind of civilisation this retired guy has now?Hiding Murderers in churches and Killing people are civilsation of Jacobite hirearchy and then brain washing people with falsehood and lies! This Babu Paul is also following the same class and nature!

  14. Good News about the newly married couple. So far Mr.Babu Paul is for Ecumenical play.Now he is for MATHASOUHARDAM!!! Now is 50%jacobite and 50# Hindu. Best wishes for Babu Paul uncle and his new CHECHI. JAI JAI PUTHENKURIZU AND JAI JAI BABU PAUL, AND CHECHI


  15. Dear All
    I am quoting from Philip Ayyamplackal, about this Bar Eetho. This man is trying to hide dissentions taking in his jacobite faction due to the recent orders by Zaka I (Soc Partriarch)!Mosc did not invite any Partriarch for consecrations of Catholiocose in the past four times!So what is new all about it now?did he have any senses back!the crooked mentality of this man is displayed like this"Swantham veedu kathumbol Ayalathukarante Vazha vettanam"!
    Moreover as per recent report he married a hindu lady and in order to conceal this, playing his IAS trick to get public support and confidence he is mudslinging MOSC !

  16. sanju,nobin Babu(USA) did not have any basic idea about Christianity or Christ!they are barkers only!First of all these guys must learn Christianity!Without knowing Christianity just make baseless and irresponsible/senseless comments!Babu Paul as a Christian should try to reconcile factions or groups!Instead he is trying to ignite the match box for making fire in Church groups for self glorification and self existence.

  17. Quote ""The fact that HH Abdul Masiha was a CANONICAL Patriarch
    bears testimony even today by the presence of HH at Kurkuma Monastery where the Tombs of the Patriarchs of Antioch are situated"""

    unquote: Do you know that the tomd of Abdul Messiah is at Kurkuma Dayara(Dayro d Mor Hananiya), but it is sutuated in the same row as the Rambans' Tombs and it is not near the tombs of the Patriarchs either.
    So your statement is wrong.

    I would suggest you to check with someone who knows about these matters before stating them in public. Moreover, we can never imagine educated and experienced people like you to come here with illogical statements

    God Bless

  18. Actually the Catholicose has been wrongly consecreted. Why a Catholicose at all. In India there is no need for a Catholicose. All the requirements can be easily met by the Patriarch in Damascus. It is only for vested interests that you maintain one in Devalokam. First get rid of him and then try to defame Babu Paul. There is only one Universal SOC. There is no MOC. St. Thomas came to India he did not establish any MOC. SOC was there and then Thomas of Kana came and he brought with him Bishop & liturgy. What you all follow is thus evolved. So dont talk about MOC. Be good enough to be under the Holy See of the Patriarch and follow the 10 commandments.

  19. Comment of Edessa has brought to open the rift in Puthan Cruz Society.The Patriarch of Antioch is cutting off the limbs of Mafriana ThomasI.Patriarch has already grabbed the so called Jacobite Churches in US,the ones in gulf will be next,ouside Kerala willnot have to wait for long.The ones like Edessa are trying to give Gallary support for this...But why blame MOC for the mess in Puthan Cruz Society?

  20. people speaks with out knowing truth and they even do not know what they are doing as the writer done

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